Map Your Service to Engage with End Users

The key to maintain an active user acquisition and engagement rate is to offer your customers a positive experience.

About this workshop

Service Blueprint is a UX mapping technique to analyze the complete service process flow. It is based on a collaborative technique that displays the process’s functions above and below the line of visibility to the user. All backstage operations are documented and aligned to the User Experience in the frontstage.


    • Tech Founders
      Gain a better understanding of your services and your customer’s experience.
    • Product Designers
      Get involved in all the development aspects of your product.
    • Marketing Managers
      Find better ways to deeply engage with your target audience.
    • Project Managers
      View the bigger picture of processes surrounding your product.
    • Company Executives
      Analyze and improve current processes and plan new ones.


Include UX in your workflow by following a proven, user-centered design framework
Have an understanding of the service process by mapping them into a clear visual representation
Model service processes based on your user’s desired experience
Iterate and discuss changes to the service process before implementing them


A map defining the interaction between your processes: (backstage, frontstage)
A template to help you define opportunity areas
A complete operational plan with prioritized and actionable items
A birdseye view of the gaps between your services that affect how your customers interact
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