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These are some of the products we've powered up

Cogia Intelligence

- An intelligent web and social media monitoring.

We restructured their architecture information and redesign their UI to meet their users needs.

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- App to find healthy alternatives to your favorite foods.

We improved their user engagement by analysing their customer motivations.

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Our clients Love Our Work

  • The UX team was so helpful for us because a lot of times you need a fresh, 3rd party eyes to really get valuable feedback. It's very easy to get too used to your UX and start making bad decisions based on your own feelings.

    Andrew Miller Marketing Director of Olset.


  • It is very easy to get too used to your own UX and UI. You start making bad decisions based on your own feelings. Working with the UX Team was extremely useful to get objective feedback on our product.

    Dustin Yoder CEO at Sureify.


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