Kano Analysis

Measure user satisfaction. Invest only in remarkable features

Kano Analysis PROCESS

List the features

List the features that will be tested and draw simple paper prototypes for each one. Visual references are easier to explain.

Conduct Interviews

Conduct personal interviews with 12 to 24 users, one at a time. This is enough to differentiate their feedback with statistical coincidence.

The Questionnaire

Explain and demonstrate a feature using wireframes or a visual aid. Ask the users how would they feel if the feature was provided. Ask them how would they feel if the feature was not provided. These questions will help us understand what emotional reaction users will have when experiencing the feature.

The analysis

The analysis ranks features into five different types of responses which have a very steady behavior over time.

Why is it useful?

Kano Analysis answer strategic questions regarding the features that have highest satisfaction potential among users. This method provides data-driven insights that guide the decision making process when deciding where to invest design and development resources by measuring the subjective sense of expectation for any given website attributes.