Elito Method

Organizing research findings and observations through fact-based narrative to generate design ideas associated with business directives.

Elito Method PROCESS


Include bits of raw data to analyze; ideally this column should contain as many research observations as possible.


For each observation you have on the first column, write down your point of view trying to identify the logic behind each user behavior.


Ideas on this column communicate what is truly at stake and represent people's deep motivations.

Concept / Sketch

They are basically design directions you can go with for each one based off your observations, judgements, and values.

Key Metaphors

Create memorable taglines that summarizes the logic behind each line of observation. They help the team to remember better.

Examine Data

After listing all the categories a matrix will emerge, being a useful way to examine data and see how the idea generation process naturally evolves and fits into it. By the time you’ are done you will have many potential design directions to develop.

Why is it useful?

Facilitates team collaboration by helping to make sense of large data sets to identify insights for further articulation of strong data-driven design arguments. Elito Method helps teams to externalize observations, judgements, and concepts collected during research.