Card Sorting Method

Exploring the users mental model by having them organizing concepts that are similar to one another

Card Sorting Method PROCESS


Select a moderator who is familiar with the content and participants who are the target audience of the content, and who care about the information.

Write a concept

Write down a concept on each card and ask the users to organize the information by groups that make sense to them.

Limit Participants

Limit the total number of participants. After 15 sessions, there are diminishing returns on the insight that can be garnered from card sorts.

Use Cards

Use 30 to 100 cards, and allow about 30 minutes for each multiple of 50 cards.

Allow Creativity

Include blank cards and markers to allow participants to add their own items where needed.

Why is it useful?

Card Sorting is useful when the design project requires to structure information and organize menus, navigations, content categories, etc.