6 Considerations to Attract Young Bleisure Travelers

Having fun activities mixed in with your business trip is not an unthinkable option anymore. A new kind of traveler, the bleisure traveler is starting to emerge and travel industries must fulfill their needs. Bleisure • bəˈ lēZHər • Mixing business travel with leisure travel. In the US alone 60% of business trips has turned […]

Loyalty Isn’t Dead

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) estimates that corporate travel spending will reach $1.6 trillion in 2020. Most of your company’s future revenue will come from just a handful of your existing customers. Here’s how you engage them with your loyalty programs. According to ACCESS in “Millennial Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate Collection” 70% of millennials […]

Millennials Trip-To-Toe Travel Experience

When booking travel you’ll need to know what Millennials are searching for. They are not interested in what your website says unless it is also what they want. You may be losing business if you are not painfully aware of how these people decide to travel. Millennials look for new experiences, but the fear of […]

Top Traveler Behavioral Trends in 2018

Travel is an industry that is always changing and evolving. New technologies are opening new opportunities for startups, organizations, and large corporations that are building software solutions.

How to Reach Female Solo Travelers, the Biggest Market in the US

Women are the most powerful consumers in the world. They influence all kinds of markets, especially the travel industry. American women represent 65% of solo journeys.

Why Millennials Don’t Trust Your Hotel App

The media has portrayed millennials as tech-hungry consumers, looking for adventures, and posting on social media.

How Usability Problems Affect Your Mobile Bookings

You spent a lot of time and effort “going mobile.” You finally have your offering out there, in the hands of all those mobile phone users. But, are they using it? Does it satisfy your travelers needs?

Using rapid prototyping to validate your travel app

To build great products you must provide a positive experience that helps users solve problems in an intuitive way.

Whether you are creating an app from scratch or some new features, you need time to validate to make sure your new ideas work in real life.

How to Improve Flight Booking with Personalized Search

It is no longer enough to display flight results to provide air travelers with a seamless search experience.
Airlines and travel brands must be aware of how customers search for a flight, when, where, and what is truly motivating them.

Data-Driven Evolution in the Travel Industry

In an era of big data, we have tons of information about the modern traveler lifestyle and behaviors. But we do not necessarily know how to make informed business decisions to improve the travel experience. In this episode of People & Business Podcast, we talk with Nick Vivion, Senior Brand Journalist at Sabre. He shared […]

How Service Mapping Leads to Personalized Trips

Travel brands must provide personalized experiences that give users the content they want, the way they wanted, and when they want it. Following what your competition is doing is not an option.

Here’s a guide on how to start building a personalized experience for your customers.

The Impact of Time to Value for Rewards Programs

To be relevant, a Rewards Program must be tailored to a customer’s’ lifestyle.  Unfortunately, traditional metrics are not enough. In this episode of People & Business Podcast, we talk with Alastair Simpson, Design Manager at Atlassian for JIRA and Bitbucket, and Isaac Lopez, Product Manager at Nearsoft. They shared their experiences on the concepts of […]

How to Increase Customer Loyalty in the Travel Industry

The Travel Industry is at an all time peak for travelers looking for new adventures. The 2017 trends predict users are now trying to get to very remote places, travelling as far as they can.
This is a challenge for travel sites, accommodating their current booking process to fit this new needs and retaining users until they checkout.
Here are some tips to understand your users and create a loyal relationship with them.

How to Structure Your Content to Win Online Bookings

Most booking sites share the same core functionality to help users book a trip.

Yet not all of them deliver experiences worthy of their customers. This is why most of the time the booking process is not be completed.

Keep reading to see how structuring your content can help you convert more.

Improve UX to increase Conversions and Loyalty in Travel and Hospitality

New trends are affecting how successful companies such as Expedia, Trip Advisor,, and Google Travel are engaging travelers.

These trends are changing the way the travel is now experienced.