Design Thinking

Code Makes Better UX Designers

Imagine a software product that looks and behaves exactly as you imagined it.  This is possible with a little effort on your side. In my experience, this is possible if you are in perfect sync with your whole product team.  In my case, it started by learning to code and learning to speak the language […]

Top UX Trends in 2019

I’ve gathered some of my favorite UX trends for 2019, including a mix and match from several design articles. Designers as Drivers of Success It’s expected that designers will not only develop more empathy for users, but for businesses too. They must optimize processes by measuring effectiveness, using data-driven decisions while their clients reach strategic […]

How Design Thinking Can Impact your Business

Design Thinking allows you to have great insights of the people who are actually going to use your product, understand their problem, and come up with solutions for them.

Here’s how to make it work for your company.