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Creating a product isn't just an investment of time, money and effort - it's an investment of oneself.

Likewise, design isn't just about aesthetics, it's about the strategy behind your business too.

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No matter where you find yourself in the product development process, Nearsoft's multidiscipinary team is here to help.

Misael León

Product Designer

Misael moves teams from ideation to functional products by integrating Design into Agile Development Methodology.

Diana Arvayo

UX Researcher

Experienced in Service Design, Diana strikes a balance between the customers’ needs and the provider's capabilities, making products relevant and sustainable.

Miguel Medina

UX - UI Designer

Miguel tackles whatever task is put in front of him, from Research to Content Architecture, finishing with products that are not only beautiful but functional.

Arturo Ruiz

UI - Front End Designer

Arturo is an HTML and CSS master who turns his front-end designs into appealing websites.

We have the skills that are needed to guide you every step of the way.

Denisse Gutierrez

UX Researcher

From sketching wireframes to delivering detailed and feasible visual compositions, Denisse makes products more engaging with Human Centered Design.

Kim Lantis

Content Creator

Kim provides technical content with a human touch, increasing user comprehension and trust.

Jorge Symonds

Content Creator

Jorge is a professional storyteller who finds the best mediums for generating and distributing content.

Axel Valdez

UI - Front End Designer

Axel is a skilled front-end designer who creates mock-ups and codes them into reality.

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I've developed an idea for a product. Is it ready to launch?

Confirm the value of your product. Improve the usability before launching. Validate your product’s workflow. Improve your product's User Interface.


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My product is new on the market. How can I make it even better?

Test your product's User Experience. Improve your product's current features. Discover potentially valuable features. Improve your product's User Interface.


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My product's been around for a while. What's should I do next?

Validate your product with users. Discover potentially valuable features. Create new product strategies. Align your product to new market niches.

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