Content Structure Strategy Mapping

Learn to use Object-Oriented UX Mapping to prototype a solution by putting users and content first.

About this workshop

You will learn a powerful Information Architecture technique to structure a Software Product.


    • Developers
      Better assess how to architecture the relationship between different system-objects in the backend.
    • Product Managers
      View a high level map of the of functionalities of the product to develop.
    • Designers
      Better inform their design-decisions as to how distribute sections and functionalities across the layout.
    • Test Engineers
      Have a clear understanding of the system as a whole and the expected behavior of each element.


Use the Object-Oriented framework to ideate with your product team
Structure the information architecture of your proposed product
Prioritize objects to define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
How to prototype a solution by putting users and content first
Transform your users' mental model into modular design patterns


Have a map with the structure of your new product’s content
Redefine its Architecture Information based on main features
Produce a working prototype using digital tools
Identify the main features to define your MVP
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