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We Know You Are Dealing With

Users Not Converting

Designing the onboarding process for your app is a tough call. First impressions are everything!

Users Quitting

If your UX planning doesn’t include a simple and straightforward path, users will quit.

Creating an Experience Is the Way Out

User Research

1-on-1 feedback sessions give us an idea of what your product is telling your users.

Data Analysis

We work with you to analyze user feedback and turn it into actionable insights.

UX Solutions

We create visual solutions ready to be implemented in your next design iteration.

Yup! We’ve Done It Before



Discover users value perception while interacting with ShopWell to improve User Engagement through User Experience Research.

After our research we figured they should

  • Concise information by making it fast and easy to access.
  • Give users the Ability to have social validation in each product.
  • Build user’s trust with personalized messages.
ShopWell iOS app before ux research ShopWell iOS app after ux research improvements


Discover what are users’ first impressions when using the app, and why they end up uninstalling it.

After our research we figured they should

  • Promote Skedio as a Blank Canvas, a Digital Sketch Notebook.
  • Update their User Interface.
  • Simplify and organize tools.
  • Use everyday examples.
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Skedio android app before ux research Skedio android app after ux research improvements

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