Finding Patterns through Data Analysis

Finding Patterns through Data Analysis

Not All Feedback is Literal

Once the research is complete it is very important not to take everything literally.

A correct interpretation of all the data will uncover what the motivations and emotions behind the feedback are. This means we need to translate the research conclusions into insights that will form and inform your product’s next design iteration.

Discovering Patterns

Actionable insights are the main goal of data interpretation. And they are not easy to come by. Visioning Session to the rescue!

During the Visioning Session our UX Team gets together to make sense of all the information that has been gathered. We use different UX methodologies to set the right tone to discover the patterns and follow the yellow brick road.

In this phase, we start seeing how these insights impact your product and a visual solution takes form. To visualize a working prototype we wireframe the possible UX solution that meets your business goals and the user needs at the same time.

Interacting with your users and interpreting their feedback creates the right blend to head into UI Design.

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