Scenario Swimlanes

Telling the flow of events of multiple actors involved in the user experience of a product

Scenario Swimlanes PROCESS

Define the problem

Define the problem you’re trying to solve at the user experience level. Describe the scenario, make assumptions, write down the personas profile and the strategic goal to achieve.


Conduct a Contextual Inquiry to get direct insights from your users. Spend some time where the action happens. Interview your potential users using a broad-to-narrow approach to inquire about users’ real needs, their tools and their struggle to complete certain tasks.


Interpret the results using Affinity Diagram to spot emerging patterns regarding:

Start diagramming

Time to start diagramming. The diagram has a number of lanes, which align to describe a story or flow of events. Each lane describes a different element of that story

Why is it useful?

Provides an effective starting point to understand how the success of an application-based product relies on the interaction of multiple components working together.