Persona Profile

A UX deliverable based on the interpretation of qualitative data and used to drive design and align team efforts by setting a common understanding of the target user of a product or system.

Persona Profile PROCESS

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews and field observations, both are an invaluable source of insights and user stories.

Focus on stories

Ask open questions. Keep asking why. Be empathic. Don't judge the responses.


Break and analyze the data set seeking for patterns.


Synthesize the spotted patterns into the following general areas: Profile. Personality. Cultural background. Technology expertise. Key quotes. Experience goals. Wants and expectations.


Define how your persona relates to the product your are designing for.


Communicate and disseminate your findings with stakeholders. The real value of Personas resides when members of the team recognize them as representations of real persons.

Why is it useful?

Personas are a great way make stakeholders feel empathy toward the users, these documents represent an archetype of the actual user’s profile, they contain the needs, wants, and expectations of real people in a synthesized and easy to digest language.