Case Studies

Case Studies

Moderated User Research: Unveiling insights with 1-on-1 interviews.

See how the team discover users impressions on Lotame’s Search Audience section.

Experience View: Mapping Key Customer Experience Points

SocialCentiv is the easy-to-use tool that identifies consumers who Tweet their intent towards a product, service, or content related to your business. You can then present potential customers with a targeted, personalized incentive designed to influence their purchase decision.

Backcasting: The UX time travel machine

Skedio is a vector-based drawing application with rich editing capabilities. It minimizes the effort involved into creation and further editing of high quality illustrations. Any object created in Skedio, from simple line to complex free-form curve or text label, can be edited independently.

The Love & Break Up Letter: helping users find what they want one step at a time

Staytuned is a contextual aware user interface for mobile devices, aimed to help users find tools to make things easier and faster with their smartphones. Learn from what you usually do depending on where you are, what time it is and what you’re doing. It automatically detects your contexts and gives you what you need.

Heuristic Evaluation: Preventing The System’s Errors

The SalesCaddy mobile platform is a sales enablement tool designed for the Field by people who’ve worked in the Field, the only solution developed to meet the explicit needs of the medical device salesperson.

Card sorting: Distilling Data From The Top-Down (From The General To The Specific)

Cogia Intelligence offers innovative solutions for intelligent web and social media monitoring to derive maximum benefits that can be integrated into all business processes.

Persona Profile & Remote moderated research: When Users Are Not Close Enough

Mapillary is a service for crowdsourcing map photos. Using simple tools like smartphones or action cameras anyone can collect photos that are combined into a street level photo view. Computer vision on the server-side automatically matches and combines photos across time and across users. Photos are processed with privacy preserving blurring using face detection and […]

Semantic Differential: Increasing Conversions With The Right Content

DESMA is an Initial Training Network within the area of Design Management. They seek to build a vibrant and sustainable community across Europe of high quality research exploring the territory of design + management that will drive discussions about the future of the field, exchange knowledge, and support collaborations between academia and practice.

Experience Prototyping: Creating human centered processes for 1-on-1s

In this episode we shared findings resulting from conducting an Experience Prototyping workshop to discover design ideas and opportunities to improve the overall user experience of the 1-on-1s process in 7Geese, our case study.

Elito Method: Users Reactions VS Assumptions

For our First Season’s Grand Finale we chose Nearsoft’s Planning Poker app for Google Hangouts as a case study. We conducted a series of Usability Tests to spot issues at the interface level. Then, we organized our findings applying the Elito Method in order to generate design ideas and provide recommendations for a thoughtful user […]

Generative research: Building Trust To Increase Conversions

In this episode we shared findings resulting from utilizing a Generative Research approach during the discovery phase of our design process. We conducted a series of workshop sessions with groups of Millennials to understand their sentiments, attitudes, and expectations toward life-planning and life insurance.

Scenario Swimlanes: Increasing User’s Engagements.

Our main goal was to create a more efficient task flow for the Olset + Evernote integration. That accounted for the users’ real expectations and behavior while booking a hotel and planning a trip.

Business Origami & journey maps: Reflecting Users Real Needs

In this episode we teamed up with different NGOs to understand the journey they undergo when launching a campaign for social good. We traced their workflow in a Business Origami workshop, and interpreted the results in a Journey Map.

Kano Analysis: Users Feelings Dictate Design & Development Investments

By applying Kano Analysis we expected to overcome the challenge of determining which attributes have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and create new concepts and prototypes for BidAway’s website.

Rapid Paper Prototyping: Make Sure Your Users Achieve Tasks Effortlessly.

For this case study we made rough paper sketches of early design ideas and then tested them with potential users in context and real environment. The tests inspired us to create new concepts and prototypes for the Spork App.

Contextual Design: Finding Out Users Behaviors & Motivational Remainders

In this episode we shared our findings resulting from using Rapid Contextual Design method, a human-centered design process which consists on gathering information about users’ current practices regarding an overarching issue, that inspired us to create new concepts and prototypes for the Daisy Wheel app.

Heuristic Evaluation: Fixing Website Usability Issues

Two case studies are featured in this episode of the UXClinic. The design team share the usability issues they’ve found in both websites. They did Heuristic Evaluations, an inspection method to reveal the areas of improvement for later iterations.

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