I’ve gathered some of my favorite UX trends for 2019, including a mix and match from several design articles.

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Designers as Drivers of Success

It’s expected that designers will not only develop more empathy for users, but for businesses too. They must optimize processes by measuring effectiveness, using data-driven decisions while their clients reach strategic levels.

Best Seller, Storyteller

Everyone can confirm that visuals are crucial, but what about copy? The right combination of visuals and the right words can help you shape a memorable user experience. Deciding how your product will “talk” to your users determines the path of your product’s creation from a color to a CTA button.

Focus on Content

As a part of storytelling, videos or motion design, such as animation and transitions, will increase your user views by grabbing their attention.

Making your user part of your product by letting them interact with the elements. It will create an experience that they won’t soon forget. They may even decide to keep your site open for a bit longer.


As a designer, you want everyone (ahem, developers) to know what you are talking about. Having sneak peek codification tools, like Zeplin or Figma, will help you communicate your vision.


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