I interviewed ten experts from the UX Team at Nearsoft and asked them to explain UX in non-technical, “user friendly” terms.

What is this thing that everybody is talking about as part of their business strategy? What are the top 10 contributions UX can bring to a business?

UX Means …

UX Does for You …

  1. Bring users perspective to the table.
    People will be loyal to a product or service that is loyal to them. If you put users in the first place, they will reciprocate.
  2. Validate and implement.
    Since UX validates everything through research, we know what will work and what won’t. It helps us make sure that everything we propose can be implemented.
  3. Make the right decisions.
    We convert feedback into insights to find solutions based on data. Providing answers to what, why, and how to build.
  4. Prioritize features.
    It helps us create a strategic plan to know what goes first when creating a product to avoid rework and to save time and resources.
  5. Bring balance between business and user needs.
    Creating a product with good user experience helps you build a more economically viable product with a better approach to what the user wants and would pay for.
  6. Align the teams vision around the product.
    UX connects all the different teams working on the product, from designers, to development, to marketing in order to get the product to function properly and meet expectations.
    UX helps us to communicate ideas in a better way making everything flow easier and faster.
  7. Iterate and improve.
    For a product to be successful it needs to be always iterating and improving and not fall into the trap of an outdated cycle. UX can help your product continue on a growth path by bringing in seamless new features and that appeal to new markets.
  8. Speed up processes.
    UX helps organize the information flow within the product team. It helps us search for a way to iterate and speed up processes.
  9. Have a great UI (User Interface)
    A strong focus on UX always guarantees a strong visual design. You can trust that the user will be able to use the product with ease.
  10. Solve real problems
    When you build a product that users not only feel comfortable with but actually makes their lives better, they’ll be willing to pay for it. Your product will provide meaning and profit, two things that are both worth experiencing.

In Summary …

UX is more than just a visual proposal, it’s the strategy and the plan that will make your team understand and follow the right path for your product or service.

UX is the Ace up your sleeve that secures the win.

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