Women are the most powerful consumers in the world. They influence all kinds of markets, especially the travel industry.

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American women represent 65% of solo journeys. It takes more than “the top 20” beautiful destinations to encourage women to book their next adventure.

Here’s what you need to know.

According to a booking.com survey American women ranked first in frequent solo travel in comparison to other countries surveyed. They are most likely to take three trips or more in a given year. They use the opportunity to connect with their inner self, wander around at their own pace, and discovering rewarding local activities.

Understanding Female Solo Travelers

Our UX Team was intrigued by how the industry is shifting towards female solo travelers (FST). So we decided to conduct research to understand how they plan and book trips.

For this research we interviewed seven American female travelers ranging from 25 to 40 years old who went on at least three solo journeys a year. Our challenge was to identify gaps and pains in the journey of their planning process, from inspiration, through planning, and the actual trip.

We got lots of observations and feedback from these interviews. We decided to do an Affinity Diagram. This is a method that helps to organize ideas and to find meaningful patterns in qualitative data.

From this diagram, we created this Journey Map,

By selecting and categorizing ideas we came to the following key points, below.

How Female Solo Travelers Manage Their Time Off

We found a relationship of how FST manage their free time and work schedule to make the best of their time off.

We divided them into two categories to understand it better,

How FST Narrow Down Their Options

It’s all about where I am going, rather than If I’m going.

Female solo travelers narrow down their options based on three main variables,


Some destinations are a better fit depending on the season. The Caribbean is obviously more attractive during summer, and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is more enjoyable during autumn.

“Weather is a big thing to me! That eliminates a lot of places that I might have gone to.”

Personal Activity

This is a big drive for FSL. Choosing between hiking, yoga retreat, or food related comes from a personal preference.

Like Breana, one of our subjects, who loves the outdoors and goes for destinations that can offer her a great trail like Machu Picchu or attend.

“Most places I go to it’s because I love hiking, everything else is secondary.”


This is where FST funnel down their options. They finally decide on between destinations based on flight price.

“If I can afford the flights at the time, that’s the top indicator of how I decide where I’m gonna go.”

Criteria for Suitable and Affordable Bookings

We found that FST start booking for flights and lodging four months to two weeks before departure. This varies, depending on how familiar they are with the place and the duration of the trip.

When Is the Right Time to Book a Flight?

Trying to predict the right time to book a flight is crucial.

This next flight took me two months to book. I wasn’t sure when the perfect time was.

What Is the Best Option for Lodging?

Younger women feel comfortable staying at hostels. Older women find Airbnb more appealing because of low pricing and safety.

There’s two major reasons why the latter prefer to stay at an Airbnb,

FST stated that when traveling for leisure they are comfortable staying at an Airbnb but if traveling for work and the company is taking care of payment they will choose a hotel over another type of accommodation.

How Do They Plan Their Budget?

FST don’t really do budgeting, it depends on each traveler’s priorities. Starting with the inspiration stage, they balance their option according to their preferences.

They are satisfied as long as they have a general idea of how much money they are spending. Their priorities change on the go, according to this.

I don’t usually plan a budget, as long as I have a vague idea of how much money I’m spending.

How FST Plan a Trip

Planning depends a lot on how much knowledge and familiarity travelers have with their chosen destination.

For domestic flights and second time visits, they feel they don’t need to have a structured plan. A rough estimate of things is enough.

For international trips and places that are less familiar, they require more detailed planning. This is most likely to be done one to two weeks prior to departure.

Mostly I do a rough estimate of things I wanna do and then pick and choose of what I feel like in that day.

Experienced female travelers feel more comfortable going solo than first timers, They embrace their freedom and go as they feel like.

Sources of Information FST Use to Plan a Trip

If they have previous experience with the destination, they normally don’t do further research. Otherwise, if they need to know more, then,

  1. They use primarily Google Search and Tripadvisor to learn about what each city has to offer.
  2. Women traveling solo prefer to get recommendations directly from family and friends.
    “I like to get recommendations directly from people I know.”
  3. Finally, they read reviews in Tripadvisor and LonelyPlanet.

Fulfilled Users Make a Profitable Business

FST are a unique and powerful group in the travel industry,

They’re also the single biggest solo traveling group in the United States.

If you spend time learning from them, what they do, and how they do it, you’ll be able to generate a satisfying emotional response by eliminating the negatives.

This post attempts to give you solid starting. Keep in mind, however, that behaviors and patterns evolve over time.

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