The Travel Industry is at an all time peak for travelers looking for new adventures. The 2017 trends predict users are now trying to get to very remote places, travelling as far as they can.

This is a challenge for travel sites, accommodating their current booking process to fit this new needs and retaining users until they checkout.

Here are some tips to understand your users and create a loyal relationship with them.

All Customers Are Unique

Consumers want a personalized service, thoroughly customized to their needs. For example, if we go to a restaurant, we may want coffee prepared with a lactose-free milk.   Customized request are a reflection of how unique each customer is.  They are looking for a service or product that can fulfill their unique needs.

The same is true for digital services. Users enter a site expecting to find an tailor-made experience and to be able to carry on all the tasks they want to, with little effort.

If you’re site doesn’t bring this sophisticated experience to them, they will not come back.

Your Users Are Fleeing

If users are visiting your site and not converting, think twice about what you can do. The first hunch might be to implement a reward program to keep them engaged.  But, that’s not the full-fledged solution you might think it is.

You need real loyalty to keep your users engaged.

Loyalty ≠ Rewards

In the Travel Industry most reward programs have their clients collecting miles, points, or any form of measurement, for discounts. They offer an extra incentive to their customers, so they keep buying more.

The downside is, for example, signing up can take a long time and take users away from where they were heading.  Also it does not benefit new users right away. Only those that are already consuming your service.

So called “loyalty” programs don’t work as well for those facing challenges in converting users through their booking process.

Real loyalty is earned with great service, and great service starts with user research.

Understand Your Users First

Catering to your users means you need to understand their unique needs.

Don’t freak out just yet! This doesn’t mean you will implement each and every single one of their desired features in your site.

It’s just a reminder to listen first, build later.

Here are some powerful research techniques that can help you discover your users’ needs, motivations, and desires,

Experience View Map

You can discover your users’ positive and negative touchpoints in their booking journey.

Remote Moderated Research

You will understand your user’s expectations when trying to book a room, booking flight, or reserving a table.

Usability Testing

How your customers interact with your booking process.

A/B Testing

Test different mockups of your booking process to choose the best version as per your own users.

You should choose the design method that can better solve the issues you’re facing.

Understanding your users and crafting a better experiences creates a bond between them, your product, and your business goal.

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