User Research

About Psychology And Design

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. – Robertson Davies, Tempest-Tost Design is an act of communication. It requires a deep understanding of each person in the target audience. The designer must bring to bear two psychological principles of human behavior: aspirations and motivations. This is the path to real insights, understanding […]

UX Investing Equals Better Business

A positive user experience plays an important role in converting users into paying customers. We all can tell when a product just feels “natural” event if we don’t know exactly why. This is because the company that created it invested in designing the right user experience.

Loyalty Isn’t Dead

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) estimates that corporate travel spending will reach $1.6 trillion in 2020. Most of your company’s future revenue will come from just a handful of your existing customers. Here’s how you engage them with your loyalty programs. According to ACCESS in “Millennial Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate Collection” 70% of millennials […]

Top UX Trends in 2019

I’ve gathered some of my favorite UX trends for 2019, including a mix and match from several design articles. Designers as Drivers of Success It’s expected that designers will not only develop more empathy for users, but for businesses too. They must optimize processes by measuring effectiveness, using data-driven decisions while their clients reach strategic […]

How a UX Designer Can Impact the Quality of Your Product and Business

What do the top mobile apps in the US market have in common? The answer is simple. Great User Experience.

How to Reach Female Solo Travelers, the Biggest Market in the US

Women are the most powerful consumers in the world. They influence all kinds of markets, especially the travel industry. American women represent 65% of solo journeys.

Why Millennials Don’t Trust Your Hotel App

The media has portrayed millennials as tech-hungry consumers, looking for adventures, and posting on social media.

Here is How to Do User Research in Agile Teams

The key to thrive in the competitive environment is without a doubt to focus on the User Experience.
People simply won’t pay money for a product that doesn’t fit their needs.
Don’t let people’s misconceptions and lack of understanding keep you from doing User Research in your Agile Team to create world class products.