User Experience

Optimize Your Conversion Funnel with A/B Testing

I often hear clients wanting to do A/B testing hoping it will solve all their UX problems at once. Not really, unless you do it right. If you are doing A/B testing on your website read this article first.

How to Evaluate Designs with Visual Heuristics

Designers are often exposed to design critiques and feedback from our clients and teammates. In my experience, most of these design critiques are destined to go south if we do not know how to properly evaluate a design from an objective point of view. We can easily change the way we evaluate designs with the […]

Level Up Your Product Design

Video games are one of my favorite things. I grew up playing them and learning from them. They taught me concepts such as usability and interaction and are the inspiration behind why I became a UX designer. But, there are concepts we don’t consider when we build a product, while video games does. As a […]

A Brief Inquiry Into User Experience

I interviewed ten experts from the UX Team at Nearsoft and asked them to explain UX in non-technical, “user friendly” terms. What is this thing that everybody is talking about as part of their business strategy? What are the top 10 contributions UX can bring to a business? UX Means … Teamwork. A discipline that […]