Top Challenges for Telemedicine Apps

The number of patients using telemedicine apps has more than doubled from 2017 to 2018. Telemedicine is improving the quality and reducing the cost of patient care.  In particular, remote patients can more easily get clinical services, faster. Patients are benefiting from telemedicine apps but that doesn’t mean they have the ideal experience. But what […]

Why Millennials Don’t Trust Your Hotel App

The media has portrayed millennials as tech-hungry consumers, looking for adventures, and posting on social media.

How Usability Problems Affect Your Mobile Bookings

You spent a lot of time and effort “going mobile.” You finally have your offering out there, in the hands of all those mobile phone users. But, are they using it? Does it satisfy your travelers needs?

How to Increase Your Mobile App’s Engagement

In the HBO series Silicon Valley, the team celebrates their 500,000th download but soon after realize that they have less than 10,000 active users. Just 2% and “is really, really bad.”

This is a common problem. In the blink of an eye, you can go from being at top of the world to Death Valley.

Worse, you don’t even know why!