How to Design a Successful eCommerce Business

By the end of 2019 there will be 1.92 billion digital buyers. That’s roughly 25% of the world’s population. For big players or local businesses, it’s becoming more and more essential to take advantage of this growing market. Regardless of the high expectations and the encouraging statistics, not all the potential of eCommerce is being […]

UX Investing Equals Better Business

A positive user experience plays an important role in converting users into paying customers. We all can tell when a product just feels “natural” event if we don’t know exactly why. This is because the company that created it invested in designing the right user experience.

How a UX Designer Can Impact the Quality of Your Product and Business

What do the top mobile apps in the US market have in common? The answer is simple. Great User Experience.

Objectives and Key Results

OKRs system has been a popular method for aligning personal and business goals. Intel started the practice, Google popularized it, and others like Linkedin and Twitter have benefited from it.

In this episode of People & Business Podcast, we talk with Christine Nathaniel, Director of Customer Success at 7Geese. She shared her expertise on how to implement OKRs and why is it important to be clear on how personal objectives tie to company results.

Embracing Innovation

The Most Innovative Companies from 2016 are examples of organizations that are disruptive through creativity. However, there are still many others that are struggling, focusing on revenue, instead.

In this episode of the People & Business Podcast, we talk with Ingo Rauth, Innovation researcher and Design consultant. He shared interesting insights from his research in Design and Innovation Management of how companies can solve some of the most common challenges by developing their capability to innovate.

Building a Democratic Culture in Your Company

We’ve been hearing about organizational Culture since the late nineties. Very powerful tech companies have adopted this philosophy such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, Netflix and others.

Culture is not only about perks, but it’s a strategic business model that any organization can implement to increase their revenue and grow. Still, the biggest challenges company leaders face, is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the different.

In this episode of the People & Business Podcast, you will hear from Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of Worldblu. WorldBlu is the largest global network of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace.

In this podcast Traci discusses what it takes to build your own company culture and how it can lead to a successful business.

How to Increase User Engagement: Analytics + UX

Google Analytics can tell you WHAT, WHERE and WHEN about the data. But there is something missing, the WHY.

Why are people not coming to my site?
Why aren’t they engaging with my product?
Why are they leaving after a specific page?
Why aren’t they making any purchases?

Combining Data Analytics and User Experience is the best way to inform business actions. Look for user-validated solutions and avoid the guesswork.

Everybody Wins with Value Centered Design

I had the opportunity to attend the UX Week 2016. I learned a lot at this event, but the one thing that caught my attention was “Value Centered Design.” I had never heard this term before and I am glad I learned about it.

This approach creates value for business and users alike. And given its benefits, you are going to hear more about it in the future.

Here’s a short intro to this approach.