Many companies expect their software products to show a Return right away. They hire developers, designers, and marketers to build and sell their apps. Sometimes those efforts pay off and just as often, they don’t.

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Successful product are created with the needs of their audience first and foremost. They give their users a Return on Experience (ROE) and that is what leads to significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Value Centered Design serves to balance the ROI needs of your business and the ROE needs of your users.

What Is Value Centered Design?

Its core goal is to generate “return” for both sides, as Jess McMullin says in his article, ” … the offering and delivery method create a solution that drives return on investment for the business, and return on experience for the individual.”


Dual Bottom Line: ROE & ROI

ROE represents the benefits the user gets “for the time, attention, or money invested in the experience.”

When products give users what they really need, in an easy and intuitive way, they create a great experience for their audience. In return, users keep using the product, and share it with others. This is how ROE leads to directly ROI for your business.

To gain something, you need to give something first.

The Disney Company – A Master of User Experience and Valued Centered Design

Why Is Value Centered Design Important?

Value Centered Design helps companies to make sure that their business goals are on the same level as their users’ needs,

Does My Product Fill a Need?

We need to see things differently, starting by adding users to the process. It is not just developing and designing what users want but accepting the fact that our products need to create real value for whoever is going to use them.

Users are first attracted to your product because of the value they hope to get from it. They choose to keep using it because of a positive experience.

Finally …

Keep Value Centered Design in mind when developing your future strategies and when creating new software products. Make sure your users and your business goals generate great results for both sides.

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