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How Service Mapping Leads to Personalized Trips

By Denisse Gutierrez April 18, 2017

Travel brands must provide personalized experiences that give users the content they want, the way they wanted, and when they want it. Following what your competition is doing is not an option.

Here’s a guide on how to start building a personalized experience for your customers.

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The Impact of Time to Value for Rewards Programs

By Misael León March 7, 2017

To be relevant, a Rewards Program must be tailored to a customer’s’ lifestyle.  Unfortunately, traditional metrics are not enough. In this episode of People & Business Podcast, we talk with Alastair Simpson, Design Manager at Atlassian for JIRA and Bitbucket, and Isaac Lopez, Product Manager at Nearsoft. They shared their experiences on the concepts of […]

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How to Increase Customer Loyalty in the Travel Industry

By Diana Arvayo March 2, 2017

The Travel Industry is at an all time peak for travelers looking for new adventures. The 2017 trends predict users are now trying to get to very remote places, travelling as far as they can.
This is a challenge for travel sites, accommodating their current booking process to fit this new needs and retaining users until they checkout.
Here are some tips to understand your users and create a loyal relationship with them.

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How to Structure Your Content to Win Online Bookings

By Miguel Medina February 9, 2017

Most booking sites share the same core functionality to help users book a trip.

Yet not all of them deliver experiences worthy of their customers. This is why most of the time the booking process is not be completed.

Keep reading to see how structuring your content can help you convert more.

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How to Adopt a Culture of Continuous Learning

By Misael León January 31, 2017

In this episode of People & Business Podcast, we talk with Jeff Gothelf, author of “Lean UX” and “Sense and Respond.” He shared practical advices on how to integrate User Research and Agile practices to create a culture of continuous learning.

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Here is How to Do User Research in Agile Teams

By Misael León January 12, 2017

The key to thrive in the competitive environment is without a doubt to focus on the User Experience.
People simply won’t pay money for a product that doesn’t fit their needs.
Don’t let people’s misconceptions and lack of understanding keep you from doing User Research in your Agile Team to create world class products.

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